Unfortunately, we have had to close today as more than half of our staff are unable to get to Riverhead.  This means we will be unable to maintain the staff:child ratios with the remaining staff.

We are reliant on staff driving to Riverhead from outlying villages, which are often the first to be affected when snow hits, and we have to ensure their safety.  The main roads may be clear, but sometimes it is impossible for us to get onto them from our homes.  Some staff have children at local schools which also close, meaning they have to stay at home with their children.

Looking at the weather forecasts it seems a lot more snow is expected for Thursday and Friday.  We will keep you informed of further closures as soon as we know.  Keep an eye on your email inbox.

We apologise for any inconvenience this closure causes but hope you can enjoy a day building snowmen with your children.

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